Virginia Beach, Virginia based Artist, Frank Mobsie, a/k/a Nu. Skillz, is a Nigerian Songwriter, Singer, and Rapper, born and raised in Lagos, Nigeria.  Nu.Skillz’s love of music began when his parents exposed him to all genres of music. They would turn the music on and oh boy… Frank would start lip-syncing, dancing around and singing.  Amazingly while growing up, Nu.Skillz’s high school friends noticed his talent and influenced him to take his music, singing and rapping seriously. His friends saw greatness in him as he entertained everyone every chance he got!

Nu.Skillz decided to take his music seriously, and began to compose his own songs and beats, honing in on Afro-Centric music by blending the genre of Afrobeat and Hip Hop music. He continued to create music through high school, then college, and ultimately decided to join the United States Navy.

Nu.Skillz was faced with the decision of whether to pursue a dynamic music career or continue on with his military career.  Serving this country was extremely important to Nu.Skillz, and creating music for the world to enjoy was the next season in his life.  He knew undoubtedly that his passion of singing, composing music, and performing was a dream that he was destined to fulfill.

Nu.Skillz is not only a vibrantly talented artist, but also is a devoutly spiritual person, who continuously gives thanks to his Lord and Savior. The world is in need of an Artist like Nu.Skillz. His confident, soulful, and exuberant nature is heard through his music and seen through his performances.

Nu.Skillz is on the journey to greatness and is ecstatic to leave a legacy of hope and inspiration through his music.